Spring Breaker details

Spring Breakers, 2020

Take a look / https://riffblast.art/product/spring-breakers-2020/

Ultravioland #3

Ultravioland #2

Ultravioland #1

Available in the shop / https://riffblast.art/product/1974/

Sneezing’ like a superhero display case

Available in the shop

Better ride a dragon than an angel

Hayao Miyazaki “Spirited Away” inspirational work Discover more here / https://riffblast.art/product/better-ride-a-dragon-than-an-angel/

She deserves a Christian funeral

Every single pieces is hand painted on vintage Chromolithograph.


Saturn devouring his son, The Simpsons Ed.

Alice’s plants watcher

find her in the shop

Ellessedi Riffblast’s Socks

Click here to buy

Funky Devil / Blackberry serie #1

Peter Plant fertilazer

Find him in the shop

Types of Ocean pollution

Available through Mortal Machine gallery, New Orleans

Little Mermaid from the black lagoon

Available through Mortal Machine gallery, New Orleans

Family Guy’s Halloween party

Morning peel

La Danse III

The immaterial part of a human being

Available through Mortal Machine gallery, New Orleans

Too many responsabilities

Figarò le lucky cat #2

Available through Mortal Machine gallery, New Orleans

Figarò le lucky cat

Available through Mortal Machine gallery, New Orleans

Who you gonna call?

Just a cat in a box


Gucci walk with me

Back details

That moment when your parents allow you to get your first earring

My personal Black Sabbath Memorabilia. #sabbathstahome

My body is a cage.

“I love Italy” collective April 2020 (Quarantine) , Galleria Alessia Formaggio, Vigevano (PV)

Tony The Swag Tiger

Greek Almuercito

Buried Alive


Dream About Cheryl Tiegs

Rabbit Hole

Yves Saint Laurent

If The Kids Are United

High On Biscuits

Escape From A Fake Death

Kissing Booth

Call Me Maybe

Princes Don’t Need Porn

The falling King

Eat my body

Peace among us

February 2020 @ East Market Shop

Lost in Space

Motel Hell

Need summer?

Gucci Duck

Se non ti lecchi le dita…

Looking for my Prince

French Kizza

Mondial Casa ti aspetta

Holy Throw Up

Dude, that’s my crying spot.

Mens can shave their legs too.

Buongiornissimo (40+)

Baby Yoda

“From the Sewer”

Piece for collective show “From the Sewer” @ Ben Frost gallery in Melbourne, Australia

Alice in Escherland

2019 in a pic

Merry Christmas 2019


Upside down, again.

Kinder Chocolate

Ack Ack!

Partners in crime, even if it’s not.

Grow bigger

The Holy Abduction #3

The Holy Abduction #2

The Holy Abduction #1

Grow a pair Christmas Ornament 2019

Dylan McKay Christmas Ornament 2019

Watch Out #3

It’s Wile e. coyote, not willy.

Sabbra Cadabra

Babidi Bubidi

Stupid sexy Flanders

Tra moglie e marito non mettere il micio

Rex Resu-erection

The ultimate battle

Pizza tutti frutti

Upside down Alice

No caption needed

A taste of heaven.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

Other Dimension Rick & Morty


Okay with McKay

The Whizpopper #3

The Whizpopper #2

The Whizpopper #1

Cool guys doesn’t look at the explosions

Breakfast has never been so cool!

Tribute to Dapper Dan

El Ratón Fashionista

Hermès Artemis

Gucci Gucci

Little preview of the Halloween project

Two different kind of parenting

A delight to spread on bread

Venus flytrap

Tetsuo In’n’out

Gattini on LSD

Show me what you got

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Pickle Rick Sanchez


Palo selfie

In case of 2.0

Evil Monkey

Gene in a bottle

Ménage à trois

Riffblast, Vinz Flag, Nais

Ménage à trois

Riffblast, Vinz Flag, Nais

Ménage à trois

Riffblast, Vinz Flag, Nais

To the infinity and beyond

the rabbit of Seville

Alice in flower

Tra moglie e marito non metterci il micio


Last supper


Mc Jesus

Breakfast is ready

Mexican food

Watch out

The night of the living vacuum cleaners

Catch me if you can

Hello Dear

I shit my pants

Wish to have a doggo like him

Always on my mind

Pizza Monday

Hide and seek

“You!”, “no you!”

Children of the grave

The Scent-a-mental

Pic by Morty


…and the Lady

Ramen Lover


Everybody loves a chubby dude


How to give swag to nana’s still life painting

Nintendo Nes I miss you so much

Esserbella #2

Everytime I spot pizza on menu

Esserbella #1

Hell Kitty


Camo thief

Literally me everytime I eat Mexican food

Give life to a still one

The Wall

Kali x Gucci

Red Bull


You win

Finally found my guide animal

Acrylics on vintage cromolithography and wooden cut coming out the frame.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Reality is for people that lack imagination


Hide and Seek with No Face


Hugging Doggo

Acrylic on Vintage Americana poster, wooden cut arms coming out the frame

Cheese and Crackers

No Bad Trip hand painted Leather jacket

Jay Guerrero

Commission x Tacomida Cesena Mexican Restaurant

Los tres Caballeros de Riffblast

Commission x Tacomida Cesena Mexican Restaurant

Baby Rockstar Coloring Book for children

Collaboration with @stokkebaby @dholemilano @collateral.studio

Baby Rockstar Coloring Book for children

Collaboration with @stokkebaby @dholemilano @collateral.studio

Baby Rockstar Coloring Book for children

Collaboration with @stokkebaby @dholemilano @collateral.studio

Literally me doing shopping

Acrylic on fashion paper bags

La Haine

Water Markers on Chanel Micro Paper Bag

Don’t bother me

Acrylic on Vintage Holy picture, Wooden cut Dumbo.

Inside Out Tetsuo

Hand painted Tetsuo on a vintage Religious Lithography, Wooden cut arm inside out the frame, Poor Caravaggio’s woman wrapped in flesh.

My first frame ever

Marvin from above

Pinocchio e l’alzabandiera mattutino


Tengo muchísima hambre

Alice in Hermés

Fridge Magnets


Celebrate love everyday

Nobody cares about Mimmo Schiattarella


The only way I know to eat a Calippo properly

Appetite for Seduction


The last supper

Alice in Wonderland



I’m the best plastic surgeon in Disneyland

Prada Milano

Cheese Ghost

Un po’ di…qua?

Han Solo Blaster

Not that way, Ralph!

Stewe Superstar



Shoot 8bit Duck only!

Playboy x Louis Vuitton

Gonna hire me?

Prada Francesco

Lady Fendi

Hobo with a Shotgun

His own celebration


Cento! Cento! Cento!

All I want for Christmas is friesss

Cuore di ciccia

Sting like a bee

The Drunken Clam

Family Guy

Colt 25 x Louis Vuitton

Just did it, again


Off White™ c/o Nike Jordan

Prison Tattoo Gun

Prada Francesco

Death Metal SS

3 Friends

I thought I smelled cookies

I hate my life

Fritto Misto Tutti Frutti

Alice in Rome

Ikea Family

Go Away

Moschino Fall 2014 ready to wear Collection

Stranger Things, Steve Baseball bat

Yves Saint Laurent

2019 Ikea Catalogue


Jesus Christ, Robot of the Future Jacket

Handpainted vintage leather Jacket

Veggie Time

Herbert the Pervert

Norman Rockwell on GH

Commissioned work for “Rookie” Teneri vizi, liquidi piaceri Reggio Emilia

Very masculine dress

Happy Place

Adventure Time



Commissioned work for “Yellow Square”, Rome

Kate Moss

Handpainted vintage leather Jacket

Lady Buzz Lightyear

Bart Simpson X High Fashion

The Kellogg’s eater

Commissioned work for “Yellow Square”, Rome


Riffblast X Gucci

No Bad Trip

Handpainted vintage leather Jacket

Too many biscuits, Alice

Peter Poops

Uziel Gal X Louis Vuitton

Homies help Homies, always

Adventure Time

Virgin Mary for Prada SS17 Sunglasses

The Circle Game



Sex position #202 – Bicycle. Kamasutra

Astroworld, Travis Scott X Virgin Mary Marriage

Norman Rockwell on GH

Commissioned work for “Rookie” Teneri vizi, liquidi piaceri Reggio Emilia

The Sword in the Stone 1963 Walt Disney

PE18 Preview

Hard choice for Giovannino

Walking Dead Baseball Bat

In case you feel like Negan

Gucci X Riffblast

Yves Saint Laurent

Directed by David Lynch

Drunk people’s buddy

Just Did It

Log Lady remastered version

Beavis & Butthead

The Affair

Saint Sebastian X Supreme

Roger from “America Dad”

Navidad 2017 en Tenerife

From “Stranger Things” 2016

Vicks Vaporub

Does someone still play at this videogame? #guitarhero

It’s over 8000?!?!

Dolce & Gabbana

Peanuts Noh Masks

Italian Classic

Domino’s Pizza

I’ve never seen elegance go out of style

Who’s gonna pay?

Secret to Victory

Goku on vintage oil painting

Ukulele BB

Eat your Pop Veggies

Best adv ever

Feliz Quinceañera

Malloy from “Brickleberry”

Devote to the Adventure

Flowers are my personal Kryptonite

Nuvola Speedy (筋斗雲, kinto’un)

Vans Skateboarding

Ryuk from Death Note (デスノート)

Casper fart

Yeeee from “The NeverEnding Story” 1984

Lady with an Ermine X Louis Vuitton

Minor Threat “Out of step”

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Popeye Swastica

Handpainted cream leather purse

Connie from “Big Mouth” Netflix

Time’s coming little perv’

Hormone Monster from “Big Mouth” a Netflix production


Nibbler eats a cat

Snapchat addicted

Toon Patrol from Roger Rabbit 1988

Thrasher magazine “the holiest grind of all time”

Everybody loves tiny Rick!

Party’s over

Tony the tiger

Princess Bubblegum’s tragedy

Log Lady “Twin Peaks” 25 years later

Poster for “Blasfetua” solo show in Bergamo

Thanks for nothing.

Men Eater II

Men Eater I

Supreme X Louis Vuitton

Ball on the tree

Everyone’s struggle at least once

Salt Bae

Dean Martin

Dean Martin sing “Volare” while ride a rigatoni from Family Guy

Roger Rabbit

Brando’s nap

Brando is an adv character from an Italian mattresses company called Permaflex

Woodstock! Come down immediately from there!

More Life

Drake Album 2017

Giggity #aftersex Selfie


Love at first Sight <3

Handpainted black leather jacket


The Sweetness

Need Summer?

Nuisance Nyan cat

Fuck you Smugglers


Simple Stitch

Free Popsiclesss

Lo sborone

Dragon Leather Jacket

Handpainted Giorgio Armani leather jacket

Wish I could fly

You sure? it’s only 10cents more for large fries

Dr. Evil & Mini Me



Handpainted pink leather Jacket

Christmas 2017 “Last Supper”

Poster for clubbing night in Bologna, Pump this #gluttony 25/12/2017

Christmas’ Eve 2017

My mother received her first Bimby from my dad

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Jungle Book 1967

Riffblast X Matsugloves

Handpainted blue leather gloves for Japanese brand Matsugloves

Medusa the Gorgon

This was really my great-grandmother

Drake Unholy

You used to call… NONONO no more cellphone!

Knorr Bae

Tortellini a way of life

Mary Lightyear

Don’t believe her, there’s nothing beyond.

HI! I’m Mr.Meeseeks, look at meeee

Come to me


Master of the Universe (1981/1988) inspired from He-man


Master of the Universe (1981/1988) inspired from Skeleton

Riffblast X Matsuglove

Handpainted black leather gloves for Japanese brand Matsuglove

Come here Buddy!

Frakta Lover

Ikea VS Balenciaga

Riffblast X Matsuglove

Handpainted black leather gloves for the Japanese brand Matsuglove

Give me back my merenda!

Can we keep it mom? pleeease?

Hug more!

Scherzi da prete

Prince of Saiyans

“The Dude” from The Big Lebowski (1998)

Eat your veggies tee

Eat your veggies everyday

卐 Brotherhood 卍

Pikachu I choose you

100% Italian Beef

1920’s Italian Ronin

Babysitting: Harder than it looks

Christmas Day 2016

My dear friend Casperong

Winnie the Pooh

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.

Snow White

Adv against domestic violences

Pump This Avarice

Poster for clubbing night in Bologna, Pump this #avarice 21/01/2017

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