RIFFBLAST is an Italian artist, born in Bologna, Italy.

My journey into art began in early childhood, raised in the countryside by an inspiring and creative family who have supported me ever since I started painting and creating wood sculptures.

At the age of 17 I started collaborating with skate and surf companies to create board graphics, this world introduced me to the true love for the hardcore punk subculture which for years has influenced and developed my way of seeing art.

After a brief but intense experience in the fashion world that helped me develop commercial knowledge, in 2015 I decided without any certification or certainty to go back to painting and creating art.

My approach to the world of art was not a textbook as for anyone who approaches this profession, I am still facing a slow path that, thanks to events and social networks, is making me grow in the way that best suits my person.

From 2017 I start with religious-litographies with which I then alter by using water based acrylics, I interpolate present day icons meant to elicit the familiar and sarcastic. Still, the message dives much deeper into the psyche of consumerism and corruption that I experience in Italy, a predominantly Catholic country.

Since a couple of years I have been collaborating with various galleries around the world from Italy to the United States, actively participating in solo and group exhibitions.


Solo Shows


March 2016: Public Faith / Vanilia & Comics Art Studio / Bologna / Italy

September 2017: Hello Good Times / Ling8 Gallery / Torino / Italy

January 2018 : Iconoclast Hero / Galleria Lambretto / Milano / Italy

December 2020 : Everything old is new Again / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / Los Angeles / USA


Collective Shows


April 2016: Skateboard Confluence / Club House Studio / Milano / Italy

September 2016: Wunderkammer Society / Centro Altinate / Padova / Italy

December 2017 : Christmas Showcase / Galleria DoppiaV / Lugano / Swizerland

March 2018 : Crazy Train / Spazio Noto / Noto, Sicily / Italy

June 2018 : Dogs in Heaven / Studio d’arte Andromeda / Trento / Italy

September 2019 : Lilliputian Hallucinations / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / Los Angeles / USA

November 2019 : DesignerCon 2019 / w. La Luz de Jesus Gallery / Anaheim / USA

January 2020 : From the Sewer / Ben Frost Gallery / Melbourne /Australia

January 2020 : Censure Group Show / Nero Gallery / Roma / Italy

November 2020 : BATCAVE / Mayne Line / Brisbane / Australia

December 2020 : G.T.F.O 2020 / Mortal Machine Gallery / New Orleans / USA

April 2021 : CEL Two person show with Steve Seeley / Mortal Machine Gallery / New Orleans / USA 

July 2021 : STOOP KIDS / Mortal Machine Gallery / New Orleans / USA